Document Management

Document Management Software Suite is an end to end solution for any kind of industry where mass scanning, automatic extract of the relevant information from the paper documents and data analysis is required. Our solution automatically scans and uploads the documents, recognizes and stores the data, subsequently facilitates viewing and analyzing the data from wherever and whenever needed.

Document Management Software Suite comprises of four individual components that can be used either individually or collectively:

1. Batch Scan and Upload Service: With and without the human interaction, the entire bunch of documents are fed into the scanner and this application facilitates the scanning of the entire bunch or entire set of paper documents and uploads to the server.

2. Document Template Builder: This application creates the template which contains the coordinates of the text zones and image zones. This template is used as input to the Document OCR Service for extracting the relevant information.

3. Document OCR Service: This application screens the files that are uploaded by Batch Scan and Upload Service application, maps and extracts the data using the respective template and stores data into the database server.

4. Document Indexing & Data Analysis Tool: This application indexes and analyses the data and generates the reports as per the specific needs.