Website Development


AmeriPro pride themselves on their vision and expertise for developing extremely high quality web applications and web sites in general. Web applications in today's world need to take into consideration many multi-disciplinary aspects, all of which are often conceptually proven through some form of prototype development. Our interface prototypes are usually developed using XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS 2.0, JavaScript and any combination of XSLT, XML 1.0, AJAX and other technologies required.

Our Approach

AmeriPro is very flexible in their approach to development of prototypes in order to suit client's needs to the greatest extent possible. Over the years we have developed our unique approach to development of prototypes. We use dynamic web technologies in order to aid the rapid development of prototypes and a quick delivery of XHTML/CSS/JavaScript code to the end client.

All our prototypes contain the following features:

  • Entirely clickable, offering complete insight into all user journeys which require fulfilling by the application.
  • Well structured, offering extremely useful insight into the candidate Information Architecture of the end solution to be developed. This is a high value-adding side-effect of our structured and consistent approach.
  • Flexewebs are also able to tweak the almost finished prototype easily for consistency purposes ensuring that components and objects shared across many pages are all the same in look and feel. This helps usability and accessibility testers properly work out the likely strengths and shortcomings of the future application.
  • Clean code solution, which is usually ready for shipping as the code quality is standards compliant and built to the highest standards and guidelines.


  • Quickly gather requirements based on 'live' wire frames
  • Troubleshoot usability and accessibility issues early on, reducing costs and time to market
  • Offer ability to key stakeholders to see the real solution and involve themselves early on
  • Involve users from the very start, achieving a real UCD approach to system development
  • Understand the limitations and potential additional benefits of the application immediately
  • Estimate software development times and resources more accurately based on a proper insight
  • Communicate with all the stakeholders in development process practically
  • Capture requirements in the most appropriate manner for larger project