Strategic Resourcing

We provide a unique solution for the local IT Consulting Organizations to have a level playing field with cheaper off-shore consulting companies such as TCS, HCL, IBM etc. We provide, quick and easy, off-the-shelf or customized, off-shore team(s) exclusively working for your organization. We also provide, quick and easy, the off-shore capability for local clients to have a 24 hour support teams.

We believe in sourcing and selecting only the finest candidates for our clients. We partner with local off-shore recruitment specialists for picking the right consultants suitable for the job with right skill and attitude.

Selected Off-shore consultants will be reporting to the on-shore client’s manager and would be 100% exclusively working as a part of the existing local on-shore team. However, AmeriPro would constantly monitoring and coaching the consultants to achieve perfect integration as One-Team.

Very Flexible resourcing options such as hand-in-hand, project, leave, back-up or 24/7 support requirements.

Highly transparent remote staff by 100% audio, video and system monitoring of personnel.